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Pottery Creation for Two from Cup O' Pottery

Just in time for the Valentines Day weekend! Our 6th Annual Naked Tea Pots event will be held Saturday Feb. 14th and Sunday Feb. 15th. Great way to spend some quality family time ...or make up for forgetting flowers again this year. Event starts @ noon - 8pm Sat. & Sunday 3pm-8pm. All tea pots will need to be assembled, designed, decorated, painted and embellished with your personal touch. Tea pots are $10 ea. and will be ready for pick-up in 2 weeks. Fun for all ages. No rsvp - simply come out and enjoy.

Our naked pottery concepts has been a great way to introduce pottery those who have never experienced it. Customers can decorate & design a piece that already has a sound foundation; allowing them a customized & functional piece of art. This helps build their arts confidence because now there is a platform for them to express their creative thoughts & ideas. This is very similar to a painter buying a pre-stretched canvas. It provides an avenue for expression which equates to a more enjoyable experience and piques their interest in further exploring ceramics. 
When painted, the tea pots will be left at the studio to dry out, then off to the kiln for a glaze firing. Most tea pots will be ready to be picked up in about 10 days / two weeks.

Fun for all ages. All tea pots are $10 each. No RSVP - come out and have
Call for more details: 407.421.5460

407.421.5460 for more info.



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A full service pottery studio where you can create custom pottery pieces. Learn how to throw on the wheel, hand-build and glaze. It is not your typical paint-it-up shop. Stop by and get your creative fill!